Who We Are

Color Country Politics was founded on a very simple idea: hand a microphone to political leaders, ask them good questions, and let them talk. We don’t want sound bites, gotcha moments, or a heaping helping of editorializing. We just want people to be able to speak freely on important topics to educate and engage citizens in the political process. Where cable news and social media aim for shouting matches and emotional reactions, we want thoughtful discussions on the kind of politics that actually affects you. Our interviewees are from a cross-section of elected and appointed officials in and representing Iron County, Utah.

Your Intrepid hosts

Jesse Harris

Jesse is a long-time blogger involved in politics since before he could vote. He’s currently a county delegate in the Iron County Republican Party and works remotely in technology.

Jennie Hendricks

Jennie is a member of the Cedar City Planning Commission and recently ran for Iron County Commission. She’s a realtor by day and a member of the Utah Republican Party State Central Committee.